Version 25

Version 25 is now out! With it comes several changes to clean up premium-related stuff.

Online Shop

Of course, there's an online shop on this very site! You can buy everything you can find in the blue coin store in this new shop. When you buy something, you'll be emailed a verification code. Use this code in the cm!verify command to get your items.


Second, there are now boosters. Small, 10% boosts to various things. Now available in Crates+ and EXP+, they'll increase how many diamonds you get from crates, or how much EXP you get. I plan on adding more exciting boosters in the future, so stay tuned!


Third, I've added charms. Charms are small, leveling little boosters which give you bonuses. Jax the Cat is the first charm added. This guy can be equipped using cm!equip Jax the Cat once you've bought it, and will gain 100 EXP every time you open a crate. He'll be able to level up, and can give you four bonuses, which upgrade every time he levels up:
 -Percent chance to earn extra diamonds every time you open a crate.
 -Percent more diamonds from every crate you open.
 -Percent chance to increase streak by more than 1.
 -Percent chance to instantly refresh a crate when opening it.


Finally, you can now boost the official support server and get 100 blue coins from every daily crate you open, similar to voter crates.


Full Changelog

Help & Settings
*Commands no longer show up on the help menu unless unlocked; help categories no longer show up unless at least one unlocked command is in its category.
*Redid the help menu; things are better categorized and organized.
-Removed help searching.

📦 Crate changes
*Several changes, such as streaks now showing up when opening all crates, and better identification of crates when opening them.
*Background changes.

 Blue item changes
+Added charms, which are leveling blue coin items, which offer a small boost. Every time they level up, three of their upgrades level up with it.
+Added boosts, which are blue coin items, which offer boosts to certain things.
+Added the 🐱 Jax the Cat charm for 5,000 blue coins.
   ~Gains 1,000 EXP every time you open a crate, and levels up every 1000 * X (where X is the level of the charm) EXP (EXP resets on levelup).
   ~Has the following upgrades:
       ~Percent chance to get extra diamonds on crate open.
       ~Get a percent more diamonds from crates.
       ~Percent chance to increase the streak of a crate by more than 1 on crate open.
       ~Percent chance to instantly perform a crate refresh on crate open.
+Added the 📦 Crates+ blue item, which is a stacking, 15% output increase of diamonds from crates, for 1,000 blue coins.
+Added the 💠 EXP+ blue item, which is a stacking, 15% increase in EXP earnage rate, for 1,000 blue coins.
+Readded the cm!equip and cm!unequip commands, which are now used for charms.
*There's no longer a confirmation on buying blue coin items.
*You no longer have to put the entire name of a blue item to purchase it.

💠 EXP & Leveling Changes
*Any level under 10 now requires (X ^ 3) * 5 (where X is the level to get to) EXP (note that EXP resets on levelup).
*Any level equal to or over 10 now requires 100 * ((2 ^ X) - 1) (where X is the level to get to) EXP.
*Coin Boost now unlocks at level 1, instead of level 3.
*Velocity now unlocks at level 3, instead of level 4.
*Any command use now gives you 1 EXP if your level is under 10.
*Challenges now unlock at level 3.

👋 Server changes
*You now get 100 blue coins from every daily crate by boosting the official support server.


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