TOS & Rules

Last updated December 28th, 2019. This will not affect purchases prior to this date.


The following events may occur:

-A peak feature of an item being, without question, broken, and it not having been fixed- in this case, you may ask for a refund for the item, and get said refund, up to 72 hours after the item being purchased. Lag on my own side to provide this refund does not count towards this 72 hours.

-A peak feature of an item being, without question, broken, and it getting fixed- a refund will not be granted, however, in the case of a subscription, 2x the amount of days between when one bought the item, and when the issue was brought up, will be granted as a new subscription, of any type of subscription that the user already has. In the case of a non-subscription item, a full refund may be provided, if it breaks a major part of the purpose of an item that has already been partially or completely used (such as a certain item in a profile cards box being impossible to obtain).

Forcing a refund through systems that are not my own, on terms not written by me, will force blue coins (or equivalent items that can be bought with money) to be deduced from your account, plus the destruction items you received a refund for.

Being granted a refund will have the items you bought be removed from your account, regardless of how they've been used.


The default to nametags is the ability to have your own Discord username on the nametag (typically updated no more than once per day); the ability to set the nametag to another string of characters is a privilege, which may be taken away, in the case of the following strings being within the nametag:

-Slurs, in any form, in any language, with the intent to create offence; created by anyone, in any group, for any reason.

-Reference to well-known events or occurrences with the intent to create offence.

-Any Discord-TOS-breaking language.

This ability being taken away does not grant you the rights to a refund for this item, or any related items.

If this privilege is taken away, it can be appealed via emailing or by contacting me via other means (such as Discord or Twitter).